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Sushi Rolls


When life is getting too busy with lots of comings and goings I rely on sushi to feed the boys.  Given the choice this is one of their favourite meals, they can nearly eat their body weight in it!

When it comes to fillings I love using raw fish, mostly salmon and tuna, however, for school lunches raw fish is not an option, so I use smoked salmon and tinned tuna instead.

For the vegetarian options I have one boy who likes cucumber only and another who likes Asian omelette, cucumber and carrot. The fillings are only limited by your imagination, teriyaki chicken, prawns and tofu, just make sure your filling is one that’s easy to slice for serving.

This recipe makes 10 rolls of sushi.


3 cups sushi rice

125mls rice wine vinegar

2 teaspoons salt

3 tablespoons caster sugar

3 tablespoons mirin

10 sheets of nori/ seaweed


Place the sushi rice and four and a half cups of water in a pan with a well fitting lid.

Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat to low, allow to cook for 15 mins, do not remove the lid.

After 15mins, turn the heat off but leave the lid on.

Combine the rice vinegar, salt, sugar and mirin in a jug.

After 5mins standing tip the rice into a large bowl.

Pour the rice vinegar solution over and give it a gentle stir to combine.

Allow to cool.

Now prepare to make the sushi, you will need a bamboo roller and a bowl of warm water.

Place the roller in front of you, so you can roll away from your body.

Take a sheet of nori and place, shiny side down on the roller.

Wet your hand in the water and take a handful of rice and gently spread it onto the bottom half of the nori, you may need another handful of rice to reach the edges.

Press the rice gently down and use the side of your hand to make an indentation the length of the sheet. This is where your filling goes.

Once filled, take a little water and spread it on the far side of the nori, furthest from your body.

Gently roll the sushi away from you, towards the wet area, using the roller, keep a little pressure on the roller until you have rolled all of the nori.

Set aside and repeat.

Cut the prepared sushi into 8 pieces.

Serve with gluten free soy sauce ( Tamari ), pickled ginger and wasabi.




Cajun Spice Rub

imageI started making this when we lived in Texas, I always have a jar of it in the kitchen to flavour chicken, seafood and potatoes.

The smoked paprika isn’t authentic but it does add a slight smokiness to the rub that I love.

This recipe makes two jars.


6 tablespoons sweet paprika

2 tablespoons smoked sweet paprika

2 tablespoons cayenne pepper, ground

4 tablespoons ground pepper

6 tablespoons garlic powder

3 tablespoons onion powder

6 tablespoons salt

4 tablespoons dried oregano

2 tablespoons dried thyme


Its so easy, just mix everything in a large bowl and pour into  jars.

Keeps for 3 months in an airtight jar.

Fish Fillets with Burnt Butter and Lemon


We have been staying in the glorious South West of Western Australia.

Holidays here are simple, walking, fishing, beach time and the odd game of soccer!

Today the boys caught enough whiting in the river for dinner, hoorah!

With fish this fresh it really needs the simplest of ingredients.

So, not really a recipe today as you can use this for any fish, adjust times for your particular fish.


10 small whiting

100g butter

1 lemon

salt and pepper


Gut, clean and fillet your fish, I leave the skin on whiting.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan, once bubbling and beginning to colour, add the fish skin side down.

Immediately squeeze half the lemon juice over the fish and spoon the butter and lemon sauce over the fillets.

Serve on warm plates topping the fish with the sauce  and some boiled new potatoes and seasonal greens or a green salad?