Fig And Macadamia Salad With Labne


Not really a recipe, more of suggestion with this!

Figs are in season for such a short time here I like to make the most of them, I also have to get them off the tree before the parrots find them!

I didn’t Β dress this salad as I used shop bought Labne and it was in oil but a light dressing of oil and white wine vinegar would work well.

Serves 4.


150-200g mixed salad leaves

4 large figs, halved

90g macadamia nuts

100g Labne in oil


Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add the nuts and toast them until the are colouring but not burning, pour onto a plate to cool.

Once the nuts are cool, chop them roughly.

Plate the salad leaves, top with the cooled nuts, halved figs and small, teaspoon sized scoops of labne.

17 thoughts on “Fig And Macadamia Salad With Labne”

  1. Brilliant salad. It is so tasty looking. I normally use dried figs in my salad but now that I see fresh figs, I’m warming to the idea. ❀ ❀ ❀

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