Stuffed Baby Capsicums with Jalapeño Chilli


These are a non spicy version of a jalapeño popper.

I found these gorgeous baby capsicums at our local green grocer this week and wanted to come up with a way of getting my non capsicum eating son to eat them!

As with many things in life, cheese changes everything! So, with a hint of jalapeño, garlic and cheese a plate of these were scoffed in no time.

Makes 10


10 baby capsicums

1 jalapeño chilli, finely diced

1 clove garlic, minced

50g cream cheese

80g cheddar, grated finely

salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Centigrade.

Take a capsicum, lay it on the chopping board and slice around a third off the top keeping the stem intact, scoop out the seeds and set aside, keep the removed top.

Repeat with the remaining capsicums.

Finely dice the removed capsicum tops, add the jalapeño, garlic, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, mix well.

Spoon the stuffing into the capsicums.

Bake for 15-20mins until the top is colouring.

Serve warm.




15 thoughts on “Stuffed Baby Capsicums with Jalapeño Chilli”

  1. Hi Ros. What a great dish and appetizer. It always takes me a minute to bring your recipes into American terms.:)))) Our local Krogers (Grocery Store) sale bags of mini sweets and I love to use them in many dishes. Have you thought about adding some panko bread crumbs to the top before you bake? I look forward to giving your recipe a try. Quinn

  2. Hi Quinn, breadcrumbs would be lovely on the top! Unfortunately, I need to make them gluten free so next time I’ll try some GF breadcrumbs on top for some crunch! Apologies for the lack of American measurements!!! 🙂 Ros

  3. These are one of my favourite snack foods to make and eat! Especially coated in crumbs like the above commenter said. I love the idea of these milder ones made with baby capsicums. The pain of eating a jalapeno popper is so good yet so bad at the same time, haha

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