Creamy Smoked Salmon and Pea Sauce for Pasta or Baked Potatoes


Creamy sauce, smoked salmon and peas go so well together!

The boys have theirs over pasta but for the gluten free option I allow the sauce to thicken before adding the salmon and peas and then spoon it over a baked potato, utter decadence!

Serves 4-6.


30g butter

1 large onion, sliced

250g cream cheese

700mls milk

200g smoked salmon, cut into strips

400g frozen peas, defrosted

salt and pepper

500g dried pasta


In a large frying pan over a medium to low heat, melt the butter and add the onion slices.

Cook gently until soft but not coloured, around 10mins.

Beat the cheese and 250mls of milk in a bowl until you have a creamy consistency.

Pour the cheese mix and the rest of the milk in with the onions and bring up to a gentle simmer.

Add the peas and salmon, cook until the salmon has only just lost its opaqueness.

Serve over pasta or allow to thicken a little in the pan and spoon over baked potatoes.

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