Fresh Ceviche


I absolutely love ceviche, amazingly fresh with flavours that blend so well, I don’t think that there is a better way to serve the freshest of fish.

The lime juice works to “cook” the fish so I like to eat it within 15mins of adding the juice because I slice the fish thinly, if you have thicker slices or even diced or cubed, you can leave it a little longer.

I have used a red snapper for this, it works well with any light white fish, salmon and tuna. the fish has to be as fresh as possible, this is the same idea as sashimi so quality is key.

Serves 4-6.


800g fish fillets

3 limes

few coriander leaves

salt and pepper


Take a fish fillet and with a very sharp knife, slice finely down towards the tail end, as if you were slicing smoked salmon.

Lay carefully on your serving plate and repeat, working up the fillet.

Continue with each fillet.

Squeeze the limes over the fish, sprinkle with coriander leaves and season.

Serve within 15mins of the juice being added.

10 thoughts on “Fresh Ceviche”

  1. This looks great! Question: you say ” The lime juice works to โ€œcookโ€ the fish “, I know this is true from other recipes I’ve used with lime bjt haven’t tried with fish. Do you have to use sushi grade fish, or just any fresh fish from the market? Obiously the fresher the better but I assume sushi grade fish at the market goes through some sort of processing to make it safe to eat raw. So does the lime juice make it safe?

    1. Hi California Flour. Sushi or sashimi grade fish is often to do with the cut and freshness of the fish, ie. salmon sushi is usually cut from the salmon belly. The fish hasn’t been treated in any way.
      For this fish I ask the fishmonger for his recommendations, I but a whole fish which he then fillets for me, the lighter snappers work well, king fish, tuna and salmon.
      The lime juice acts as an acid to “cook” the fish, the shorter the time and thinner the fish makes the flavour and effect different.
      I’d recommend having a chat with your fishmonger, they will know the best fish on any given day.
      Hope that helps!
      ๐Ÿ™‚ Ros

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