Easy Soft Corn Tortillas


Shop bought corn tortillas are nothing like these!

The mass produced tortillas that I can buy here are pretty similar to cardboard and no amount of heating softens them, these, on the other hand are soft and malleable and dare I say, very tasty. Did I mention, Β gluten free too!

I use them for quick lunches with leftover roast chicken, fill them with barbecued meat, roasted vegetables and even fish! Breakfast with an egg, they are that versatile!

Test a piece of your dough on your baking parchment just to make sure it doesn’t stick and drag any helpers through to help, the boys love making the tortillas while I cook them.

I only recently bought a tortilla press, before that I found a couple of good heavy cookery books did the job beautifully!

The tortillas will keep for a couple of days in an airtight container.

Makes 12 x 50g tortillas.


250g masa lista, Mexican corn flour

50g butter, melted

300mls, warm water


In a large bowl, combine the ingredients.

Form into a dough and knead lightly.

Divide into 12 balls.

Pop the dough balls back in the bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

Set aside for 30mins.

Heat a large frying pan over high heat.

Line the tortilla press with baking parchment, place a dough ball in the centre and top with another piece of baking parchment, press down.

Peel the paper off and pop the tortilla onto the pan.

Cook for around 60secs and then flip over and repeat.

Set aside in a tea towel and repeat using all of the dough.

35 thoughts on “Easy Soft Corn Tortillas”

  1. Wow that sounds really simple! My husband always complains about store bought tortillas. I’ll let you know once I try it how it goes, thanks for the recipe!

  2. Wow that sounds really simple! My husband always complains about store bought tortillas. I’ll let you know once I try it how it goes, thanks for the recipe! I’ll share it on Facebook too! People will want to know πŸ˜€

  3. I will definitely be trying this recipe! I never buy shop-bought tortillas but do some masa harina in the cupboard. Without a tortilla press making tortillas is tricky as I find the dough very sticky but will try your recipe and see if it’s easier. A Costa Rican chef told me to use two plates instead of a press.

    1. Hi Tortilla for tea, I like the idea of using two plates too! This isn’t a particularly sticky dough but you do need to test it on the baking parchment. I use two kinds here, cheap stuff for the packed lunches and thicker more expensive stuff for my baking. Trust me, use the expensive paper!!! The tortillas peel straight off. πŸ™‚ Ros

  4. I’m so gonna try this!!! Thanks for the recipe!!! I really like to cook everything from scratch but never thought of making my own tortillas!! Those heavy cookbooks are going to work next week!!

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