Mediterranean Rice with Vegetables, Sopressa Salami and Fresh Mozzarella


This is a fantastic way to use up leftover cooked rice and a few veggies, the salami and cheese aren’t essential but work well for the boys.

Feel free to modify, goats cheese is lovely with a few cherry tomatoes or leftover roast veggies are a great addition too.

Serves 4.


50g butter

2 leeks  trimmed, quartered lengthways, sliced and washed

15 green beans, topped, tailed and cut into 1-2cm pieces

300g cooked rice, I use basmati

1 capsicum, deseeded, cubed

4 spring onions, topped, tailed and sliced thinly

10 slices of Sopressa salami, cut into 1cm pieces

150g fresh mozzarella

salt and pepper


Heat a large frying pan over medium heat, add the butter.

Once the butter has melted add the washed leek and sauté until soft.

Add the beans and cook for 1-2 mins.

Add the cooked rice and break up with the back of your spoon so it becomes individual grains.

Cook for 3-5 mins, stirring regularly, the leeks might colour a little, that’s ok!

Pour in the capsicum and spring onions, stir through and then add the salami.

Cook for 5 mins, turning the rice and veggies over regularly.

The salami should become a more solid pinky/red and loose any sign of fat as it melts away.

Tear up the mozzarella and sprinkle on top.

Either leave the cheese to melt on the stove top or whack it under the grill.

Serve with salad.


11 thoughts on “Mediterranean Rice with Vegetables, Sopressa Salami and Fresh Mozzarella”

  1. This is a lovely dish, and I’m going to give it a whirl. Howver, polenta is made from wheat which means that this dish is not actually gluten free.

    1. Hi Fiona, there is no polenta in this recipe, maybe you are thinking of a similar recipe?
      As someone with Coeliacs (Celiacs) I do eat polenta as it is traditionally made from ground corn, of course, you need to always check the labelling in case of cross contamination or a different production method.
      Hope that helps. 🙂 Ros

      1. Thanks for that, Ros: I have just had a look at Wikipedia ( – seems we are both right. “Polenta” can be applied to a number of grains including spelt which is an heirloom wheat. In South Africa, polenta that is commercially available is wheat based. Now I want to try doing something with maize which is a traditional stable here. Thanks for making me look it up. All the best 🙂

      2. Thanks for that Fiona, it’s really interesting the differences we have around the world! It would be soooooo much easier if they all had different names!
        I love polenta made with corn, it’s beautiful topped with your favourite meaty sauces and sets well too so you can refry it the next day as wedges and chips.
        I have never seen your South African version but I will look for it now as we have a big South African population in Perth, it is bound to be somewhere!
        Thanks for sharing and apologies for my ignorance! Ros 🙂

      3. I was equally ignorant, to no apology needed! Am certainly going to be doing some fiddling in the next whule: wach this space!

      4. Ros, no apology needed: I was equally ignorant! I am going to do some fiddling. In South Africa – and further afield, corn porridge (known as pap – pronounced “pup”) is a staple and also very popular when we braai (barbecue) with gravy. My husband grew up in Zimbabwe and is very fond of sudsa – what it was known as there. watch this space… 🙂

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