Blackened Sweetcorn with Red Onion


Sometimes I like a change from our usual corn on the cob. This is cooked in a similar way to a stir fry, high heat and keep it moving. It also works well on the flat plate of a barbecue.

I make this kind of corn when the main event on the plate is a little plain and I want something with a bit of heat to jazz it up.

We also sometimes eat this as a cold salad and I pop it into wraps for school lunches.

I use a chilli infused oil but regular works too and I mix my own Cajun Spice Rub, recipe is on the blog, but shop bought is fine.

Serves 4-6.


2 tablespoon chilli infused olive oil

2 small red onion, cut into wedges

4 ears/cobs of corn or 500g fresh or frozen corn

2-4 tablespoons Cajun Spice rub


Heat the oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat.

Add the onions and cook, stirring regularly until they are softening.

Add the spice mix and cook through until fragrant.

Now pour the corn in and over a high heat cook it, stirring constantly for 5 minutes until it is colouring up.



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