Pasta with Creamy Smoked Salmon


This takes the time of the pasta to cook for the entire dish to be ready, the secret is the caramelised onions, the recipe is  in my blog.

Hugely popular with the boys and their friends this goes really nicely with a rocket salad to cut through the richness.

Serves 6.


500g dry pasta

300g smoked salmon slices, cut into 5cm pieces

400g frozen peas

120g caramelised onions

200mls cream

300mls milk

10g parsley, chopped

10g dill, leaves picked


Cook the pasta as per its instructions.

Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat, add the onions and allow them to warm through.

Add the cream and milk to the onions, bring up to a simmer.

Add the peas and again bring up to a simmer.

Follow with the salmon, parsley and dill, mix well and turn off the heat.

Add the drained, cooked pasta to the sauce, stir well and serve.

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