Gluten Free Buckwheat Crepes


Buckwheat is a fantastic gluten free flour, it adds a slightly nutty taste to cooking these crepes.

The melted butter in the batter helps to stop the crepes sticking to the pan and adds flavour too.

The crepes are neutral so you can use them for sweet or savoury dishes.

This batch was served the boys favourite way, a bit of a “make it yourself” meal! They fill them themselves and eat them with their hands, a win win dinner!

Fillings are only limited by your imagination and left over crepes can be frozen, just pop some baking parchment between each crepe so you can pull them out individually.

Another couple of uses for crepes, use instead of pasta sheets in lasagne or fill with bolognese sauce and top with gluten free white sauce.

This recipe makes 20-25 crepes depending on the size of your pan.


220g buckwheat flour

Pinch of salt

4 eggs

400mls milk

150mls water

50g butter, melted


In a large bowl weigh out flour and salt.

In a jug combine milk, water and eggs.

Make a well in the centre of the flour and slowly whisk in the wet ingredients.

Once you have a lump free batter, add the melted butter and whisk to combine.

Heat a non stick frying pan on a medium heat. I use a 14cm pan.

Using a ladle, pour a little batter into the pan and quickly swirl it around to cover the base and possibly sides. You are aiming for thin crepes not pancakes.

Once the crepe appears dry on top, flip it over and cook the other side, around 30secs until golden brown spots appear.

 Set aside on a plate covered with a clean tea towel and repeat until all of the batter is used.

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