Fish Fillets with Burnt Butter and Lemon


We have been staying in the glorious South West of Western Australia.

Holidays here are simple, walking, fishing, beach time and the odd game of soccer!

Today the boys caught enough whiting in the river for dinner, hoorah!

With fish this fresh it really needs the simplest of ingredients.

So, not really a recipe today as you can use this for any fish, adjust times for your particular fish.


10 small whiting

100g butter

1 lemon

salt and pepper


Gut, clean and fillet your fish, I leave the skin on whiting.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan, once bubbling and beginning to colour, add the fish skin side down.

Immediately squeeze half the lemon juice over the fish and spoon the butter and lemon sauce over the fillets.

Serve on warm plates topping the fish with the sauce  and some boiled new potatoes and seasonal greens or a green salad?


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